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How to care for spun bamboo products?

Please notice bellow tips to get a best way to use your spun bamboo products: Not recommend to use with hot food/water (recommended highest temperature is around 40-50 Celsius degrees) Lacquer cannot be cleaned in dishwashers. Lacquer cannot be used in electrical ovens or microwave. Do not clean your lacquer product with hard or abrasive sponges. […]

Seagrass in Kim Son, Ninh Binh

Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province is known for seagrass and products made of seagrass. Kim Son plaiting seagrass occupation is very close with natural because the material which is used to make these products is homely as the nature of this landscape. This village was borned from people competed Kimson with an abandoned area. […]

Follow me and discover way to produce a spun bamboo bowl?

About one month ago, I had opportunity to visit Cat Dang where is known for spun bamboo products. It is about 80 km far from Hanoi center to Cat Dang trade village. Over come small roads with bamboo line in both side, I saw Vietnamese artisans were working very hard. When I see process of […]

Bamboo in Vietnam

If you have at least one time to visit The North of Vietnam, I am sure that you will see bamboo or even forests of bamboo. I do not know how many years dose it exist, but day by day, bamboo become a symbol of Vietnam. Specially, in rural, this tree is closer with people. […]