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Seagrass in Kim Son, Ninh Binh

Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province is known for seagrass and products made of seagrass. Kim Son plaiting seagrass occupation is very close with natural because the material which is used to make these products is homely as the nature of this landscape.

This village was borned from people competed Kimson with an abandoned area. But natural gave Kimson a special gift. According to people here, seagrass has appeared in Kimson about 2 centuries. farmers harvest seagrass 2 times each year, fist time was conducted in May, second one was conducted on October.

Material preparation to make seagrass products

Because of natural material, seagrass products are favour in foreign markets, environment friendly, beautiful, durable, variety of styles, colors but also very cheap. From long pieces of seagrass which people think that they are worthless, but with skillful artisans in Kim Son, they were plated, woven to become useful, unique products. There are many diversified products such as: mat, hat, handbag, box, cup,…? Do you believe that these products are made of seagrass.

seagrass products

.Beside the sophisticated technique, the producing seagrass products in Kim Son is also known for the invention in preventing must. From the support of Ninh Binh Science Support Fund, these businesses have succeeded in applying drying technique in tuynen brick processing line to use for seagrass and seagrass products, advancing the quality of drying and avoid fire risk when using traditional drying technique. Moreover, businesses have also succeeded in using polyascera glue to cover the face of seagrass products, help shaping and increasing the ability to prevent must. All of these efforts help our products stay strong on the thousand-kilometer seaway to other countries and help promoting exports in Kim Son in the highly competitive market.

Plait seagrass products

To promote the seagrass industry develop, Ninh Binh has tried to developed the scheme to build infrastructure for Đồng Hướng Industrialization Zone with 17ha. Besides, to help bussinesses in exporting, Industry and Commerce Department of Ninh Binh together with Industrial Promotion and Consultation for Industrial Development Center of Ninh Binh and Kim Son District are doing programs to register their brandnames, completing the geographical directions for seagrass products here. This will attract more customers with bigger orders coming to Kim Son, creating long lasting output for our products.

In 2016, all of villages joined in processing seagrass. There are over 20 countries consume seagrass products from Kim Son. Each month Homeware Crafts exports about 90000 USD seagrass product. Priorily markets are USA, Japan and UAE. So, we think that our responsibility is developing Vietnam traditional trade villeage

Belly seagrass basket