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Bamboo in Vietnam

If you have at least one time to visit The North of Vietnam, I am sure that you will see bamboo or even forests of bamboo. I do not know how many years dose it exist, but day by day, bamboo become a symbol of Vietnam. Specially, in rural, this tree is closer with people. I was born at a peaceful landscape and with me bamboo is a part of my childhood.
When I was a child, my grandmother told me variety of stories about wars. In war periods, bamboo appeared as a hero. Vietnamese people use the body of bamboo to make weapon to fight against foreign invaders. About 4000 years ago, When Vietnam was established, bamboo was also a characters in many mythologies, such as: Thanh Giong, Cay tre tram dot… This tree has deep sense, not only a hero, but also be a lesson about coalition.

bamboo forest in Vietnam
The war was closed, Bamboo still plays an important role with people here. They use wood of bamboo to make component to build house. In city, people build house by cement and steel. Few houses are built by natural material, but in my hometown, bamboo is very popular. It can suffer storm or strong wind and is so long lasting. Beside that, in trade village, Vietnam artisans use bamboo to produce variety of daily bamboo products. You can use Bamboo bowls to hold salad, or food, or even decorate your kitchen, bamboo lamp shades and lantern for decorating your house in every festival occasion,… If you are finding an item for holding your cloth, toys, or hold lanter pot, just think about Homeware Crafts weaving bamboo baskets.

bamboo products
When saying about bamboo, I am proud of Vietnam. Bamboo go into songs, poems and our life. You know? Being a symbol of us , We have a dance called “bamboo dance”. The famous bamboo dance is well known both in Vietnam and internationally. Until today, bamboo tree remains closely connected to Vietnam’s culture.

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